About The Cosmetic Concept

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

By product developers for product development, The Cosmetic Concept, a subsidiary of Cindy J Cosmetic Labs, strives to empower Black beauty owners & founders as they break into the industry. Black-owned independent beauty founders often lack access to auxiliary business services, industry knowledge and networks. For Black owners, the journey from concept to launch is full of friction and frustration.

Our Story

The origin story of The Cosmetic Concept begins with these amazing women having bright ideas yet finding themselves stuck on how to proceed. 

The Cosmetic Concept’s mission is to create an ecosystem of product development resources aimed to help independent emerging beauty founders remain motivated, organized and on task as they strategize to bring their visions from concept to reality.

With this planner you WILL turn that creativity into a lasting legacy.

I’m so glad you’re here!

As the founder of Cindy J Cosmetic Labs, I’ve had the esteemed privilege of collaborating with Black-owned and Founded beauty brands to develop formulations.

Walking in the spirit and essence of my Ancestors who were educators, I want to do my part to achieve parity in the beauty industry by creating simple solutions that teach founders about the product development process and provide strategic guidance from concept to launch. If I can create a solution to make just one person position their product for manufacturing, or even create a legacy for their family,I’ve fulfilled my goal.

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